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HaMerry New Yestmas! by megamaster135 HaMerry New Yestmas! :iconmegamaster135:megamaster135 3 13 Buying Time by megamaster135 Buying Time :iconmegamaster135:megamaster135 2 2 God of Death, Brought to Life by megamaster135 God of Death, Brought to Life :iconmegamaster135:megamaster135 5 175 WHO WANTS A HUG?! by megamaster135 WHO WANTS A HUG?! :iconmegamaster135:megamaster135 2 38 AT w/ MonkeyDMimi by megamaster135 AT w/ MonkeyDMimi :iconmegamaster135:megamaster135 5 8 I AM A FATHER! by megamaster135 I AM A FATHER! :iconmegamaster135:megamaster135 11 43 MAH BABEHS!! by megamaster135 MAH BABEHS!! :iconmegamaster135:megamaster135 3 6 The Final Strike: Meteor Shower by megamaster135 The Final Strike: Meteor Shower :iconmegamaster135:megamaster135 6 6
Conqueror Unleashed! Risen from the Dead!
Time froze. Luffy had made the lethal contact of his gigantic, flaming form in a monstrous tackle, shattering the core structure of my body. Nearly enough to kill. Keyword being nearly. As much as he won, though… it was then that all hell broke loose. An epic blast rocked the sea, not from the catastrophic attack Luffy had unleashed, but from a force far more sinister. Lightning strikes arced from my form, expanding and growing to a ball-like shape around the two of us, around thirty meters in diameter. This lightning symbolized the mighty power of the Conqueror, the power that had set me free from Impel Down, black bolts with a read aura around them. It took the shape of a cage, somewhat, filling in the gaps of “mesh” with a merge of black and red, encircling us both. The sky split in two above us, a distant echo of another man’s power over two years ago. This clash, this instant of strength and ferocity in battle, it rivaled Whitebeard himself. Whether it was
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Duel of the Family D. by megamaster135 Duel of the Family D. :iconmegamaster135:megamaster135 5 8
Hades Touch Vs. Fourth Gear! All-Out Round 2!
I pushed his body off of me, my fury pulsating from my as the air nearby started to shimmer. I could feel a momentary state of relief wash over me. Until…
“LUFFY!!!!” I could hear one of them yell.
I looked over to the ship. Franky was fast, alright, he’d already patched up the hole, now the others had lined up on the deck while he put in the finishing touches of the repairs. I grinned wickedly.
“Alright…. Now who’s next?” I asked, revealing the Demon Claws that had morphed from my hands. Usopp had been the one to yell, and he was clearly pissed.
“YOU! What did you do to Luffy?! Who the heck are you?!”
“Oh, Come ON. I didn’t change that much did I?” I asked. “I’d expect it from this dumbass,” I said, gesturing to Luffy, “But don’t tell me you don’t remember your crewmate?” I said with a grin.
The look on their faces was priceless to watch. Usopp dropped his slingshot
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Clash of Conquerors! by megamaster135 Clash of Conquerors! :iconmegamaster135:megamaster135 5 54
Brothers of D. Battle! Drake Vs. Luffy!
I didn't take a ship, I flew. I left that hell hole as a dot sinking in the distance in the pitch black night that reflected off the ocean. It was at this moment for the first time in my life I realized: Flying is AWESOME. I stopped at Sabaody, picking up food, drink, med supplies, and clothes. Not to mention a map of the entrance to the New World. Using that, I soared over the Red line, past Marineford. It was weird seeing that place again, but luckily I was guarded by the night sky. I found what I was looking for, the perfect spot on the sea. It looked a bit like a cracker floating the water, a massive cracker. Just a solid circle, standing there alone in the water. The perfect place to wait.
I landed, and began to get ready. I immediately changed out of the prison outfit, throwing into the ocean so it would sink to the bottom and never be seen again. Before I changed, I got a look at my form after two years. I looked.... yeesh. My arms and torso were covered in burns from my attack
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Venomous Vengeance! Conqueror's Hate Is Unleashed!
I could feel my heart snap into two, only for a burning rage to meld it back together. In one movement, I lunged, charging forward and shattering the Sea Prism Stone that had been the bane of my existence for so long. It happened about once every week. With the dousings from Magellan's acidic toxins nearly three times a day, even the most incredible material known to mankind was weakened and brittled to breaking point. More than a hundred times, I'd shattered it, fighting for on escape, only to be dragged back down to hell each time. It had been more than two years since I was brought to Impel Down. Two years of torture, suffering, pain, and fear, yet still I hadn't escaped. Within a month I'd practiced enough with Haki to go toe-to-toe with Magellan, but after being drained with Sea Prism 24/7, half a meal a day, and endless torture? I didn't stand a fart's chance in the wind. Sure, I could face Magellan, but then what? I wouldn't the energy to fight through the entire building to sun
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Oaths of Dedication! To the Life of a Friend!
Luffy had Jinbei by the collar.
“I don’t see how it’s possible, Luffy! There’s nothing I could teach you!” He declared.
It was true. Jinbei was a fishman, he had no experience with how to use Devil Fruits, not to mention the fact that his fighting style was comprised of techniques only fishmen or possibly mermaids could learn. It was beyond a human’s capability.
“I DON’T CARE!” Luffy roared.
“I have to get stronger… strong enough so that this never happens again! I have to be the strongest so I can protect my friends from them!” He yelled.
“Really…? Are you that determined?” A voice questioned.
The two would turn to see Silvers Rayleigh was sitting on the shore.
“Rayleigh?!” the two of them asked in astoundment.
“How did you get here?!” Luffy asked.
“I swam.” The Dark King answered.
“These seas are infested with Sea Kings. Not to mention that including the
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One-Chance Fight! A Tactician's Vengeance!
Time froze for a moment. I couldn’t believe what was happening. So many had already disappeared, now it was down to Robin, Luffy, and me. It was terrible… everyone was disappearing, and I couldn’t stop it. The least I could do was stall… What’s happening? We were losing. Pinned between Marine Admiral Kizaru and Warlord of the Sea, Bartholomew Kuma, who was currently taking his sweet ass time sending everyone away, somewhere far across the planet. Zoro, Sanji, Brook, Nami, Chopper, Usopp, and Franky had disappeared. My worst fear was that we I heard him utter was true… we’d never meet again in this lifetime. And all I could do was stall. I had tackled Robin, sending her to the ground, as Kuma swung at me in her place. Apparently even in that instant, he was able to create a decision for where I was meant to go. This technique of his, I would soon learn would send the target to where their greatest dream might be. Whatever they desired the most a
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I just re-discovered the most wonderful piece of video game music i've ever heard!
Alright, confession time.
My computer's got another problem. Like... a big problem. Cooling system's going haywire, and this thing gets burning hot. I dunno how to fix it, and I've been too nervous about causing explosions with it to risk turning it on. Hence... the lack of activity. Sorry for not mentioning this sooner.
This is probably just somebody playing a prank, but I don't wanna risk it.
Deviantart will be deleting 'all' accounts. Not please accounts, accounts, but just all name-wasted accounts, or accounts that we think are fake, or that are useless. We are doing this to prevent something that could possibly happen in the future. If we find this message on your deviantID, journal, etc. we will know that you're not fake
I'm gonna be less active for a bit, until christmas break starts. I'm making gifts for my friends, drawings that take a lot of focus. Wish me luck. ^^
Apparently, a scene from fire emblem fates has been going around again.
"Ah, I see you missed your big sister."
Yeah, so did the internet.
I've discovered my new favorite Video Game Sword. Forget King Fang Falchion, Forget the True Master Sword, Forget the KaiBlade, MONADO UNBOUND is my jam!
Now that I got the important things out of the way- I bought fire emblem warriors, and beat it on the highest difficulty within 24 hours.
No one is going to believe me, because this is a status post that no one has time to look at and take seriously, and this is the internet. I have no proof either.

Okay, I have a LOT to say, and a lot of sorries to say too.
Nobody told me we wouldn't be able to afford internet this month, and the next thing I know, I can't get here.
I finally convinced the neighbors to let me borrow theres, so I am back as much as I can.
I am SO sorry everyone. It's been way too long. But I'm back where I belong.
Also... yesterday was spirit day, and I've lost my voice. If anyone know how to... fix that, please, I could use the advice.
Hey. I don't like being deep. But I want to know something really bad.
What do you think marks a persons life as valued?
I have a lot of my own thoughts on this, and my life is almost at the point where reality will start to take over. So I want to know how to have the most meaning the upcoming years. I feel like the more smiles you give and the more people you give smiles to, the more you can say that you've done a lot of good in your life. And I want to be able to say that someday. So what should I do?
Weird thought time!
How did they get the arrowheads on older arrows?
A: They would affect the arrows trajectory
B: Tying the arrowhead on was not very effective
C: No way to make a hole like the shaft in the base.
My theory is epic magic powers. It's the only explanation for anything and everything.
Okay, I gotta know, does anyone else have Final Fantasy Explorers?
I don't know how the multiplayer works on a 3DS, but I need help here. Seriously. I'm only halfway through the game, and I'm having trouble with basic enemies. If someone could lend me a hand, I'd appreciate it. I can provide armor and weapons, depending on the class you choose.
Did you know that there are only two songs that follow the suggest CPR rate of 100 beats per minute?
They are Staying Alive
and Another Bites the Dust.
This is not a joke. I wish it was, but society isn't that unlucky.
Some one please help me. I didn't know you could cry from things being too cute. That sounds overdramatic, but i swear to god I need help. My hear can't take them.
Does the name Zangief mean anything to anyone? For some reason this name popped up in my head and I can't remember where it's from! It's driving me nuts!
Again, I'm gone a lot, but I don't really have time to be here anymore. Anyone who talks with me often, just put me in the back of your mind. It'll be a while before I can come back here again.
On top of my prior discovery, I've found out that those same authority figures have some sort of incredible super power.

The power to make you wish you never existed with just one remark about how you screwed up. Knowing full well you've told yourself that a dozen times already.

I know none of you want to hear this, and I get that this putting up with endless ranting and complaining is annoying, but it just makes it feel so much better. I'm not kidding, it literally melts away the stress and frustration in a few instants. You don't even need to look at this, really just posting it helps.
I just discovered something horrible.
There's a highly infectious disease spreading throughout my state, and immediately attacks the brain, causing highly forgetful behaviors in victims.
Fortunately for me, it seems to only effect authority figures in my life after i've already answered a yes or no question.
I've contributed a few times to creating a fakemon's pokedex entry, so I feel as though I could apply this elsewhere if the held is needed. For example,
022 - Trenchy by pokeluka by :iconpokeluka:
053 - Kernill by pokeluka by :iconpokeluka:
ROCK - PAPER - SCISSORS by pokeluka by :iconpokeluka:
074 - Frosler by pokeluka by :iconpokeluka:


Wouldn't you like to know?


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